The EERIE Project turns one

The EERIE Project turns one

12 January 2024

In January 2024, the EERIE Project turned one, meaning one quarter of the total duration of the project has already elapsed – and a lot has happened so far!

Over the past 12 months we’ve taken our first steps and gone from kicking-off the project, explaining the world what we’re about (in a video), and setting a roadmap to a preliminary evaluation and adjustment of it at our first in-person meeting in November 2023

We’ve also started playing with super high-resolution climate data, be it at our monthly Science Hours or at our first hackathon. Contemporarily, we’ve made the specifications of our models (and its progress!) public.

And we’ve managed to do all this staying true to one of our co-coordinators' motto – “Nothing good comes out in science without having fun”.

The upcoming months look equally promising as we expand our interaction and collaboration with other projects. EERIE PI Anne Marie Treguier will host a MEDLEY-EERIE event in February, while the project will co-organise an EERIE-nextGEMS-WarmWorld joint hackathon in March. April is generally EGU time, where EERIE will also be present – our PI Dian Putrasahan will co-host the session "Earth system models at km-scale and beyond: Implications and challenges of resolving small scale processes on the climate".

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