Game Instructions

How to play?

The EERIE Quest is a little game aimed at boosting the dissemination and communication effort in the EERIE project. The logic behind it is very simple: Work Packages (WPs) help their ships move forward by participating in WP2 activities.

These activities translate into points that make the wind blow into your WP-ship’s sails, making it move forward. If you hoover your pointer over the ship (WP) of your choice, the number of points gathered so far will show.

There are many different ways of adding “wind” points to your WP-ship in order to win the competition.

  1. Presenting EERIE at conferences (talk, poster, abstract...) [1 point]
  2. Publishing papers [1 point]
  3. Hosting a Science Hour [1 point]
  4. Writing stories or blog posts for the EERIE project website [1,5 points]
  5. Making yourself available for interviews for website-related stories/videos [1,5 points]
  6. Providing audiovisual material for the website [1,5 points]

Some of them are part of your WP work, such as 1 to 3. Those are rated at 1 point. But there are others, such as 4 to 6 that require an extra effort, and that’s why they translate into 1,5 points each.

Also to be taken into account: if you’re involved in several WPs, all of them will get 1 or 1,5 points for your dissemination and communication activities. The only exception is Science Hours, as it’s one particular WP taking care of it each time.

What’s at stake?

A wider audience for what you do, direct peer-pressure and a glimpse on how you do compared to others. And some treats for your belly of course! The top three contributing WPs will be rewarded edible prizes at the next in-person General Assembly, such as…

Game on!