Kick-Off Meeting


  The European Eddy-Rich Earth System Models (EERIE) project kicked-off on 23rd February 2023 with the aim to produce more reliable climate simulations and projections to 2100 by including realistic representations of the ocean mesoscale together with atmospheric weather and climate extremes.   You may watch the meeting highlights here and read more about it …

Science Hour – Pre-Hackathon Information and Q&A


Nikolay Koldunov will host the fifth EERIE Science Hour, providing pre-EERIE Hackathon information and taking questions from the audience . The session can be joined by those interested via this link.

EERIE 2023 General Assembly

Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) Am Handelshafen 12, Bremerhaven

EERIE participants convene in-person for the first time after an online kick-off meeting in February 2023 Page of the event:

1st EERIE Hackathon

Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) Am Handelshafen 12, Bremerhaven

The AWI venue in Bremerhaven will host the first hackathon of the project, starting on the very same day the General Assembly closes. Page of the event:

An EERIE Santa Cloud – news and updates on EERIE data access

EERIE Data Management aims to ho-ho-host EERIE data to all EERIE data users as quickly as possible. At DKRZ we are developing and deploying an server to “cloudify” EERIE data, make it accessible via the web and put it under each Christmas tree as a gift. This sixth Science Hour session, with DKRZ's Fabian …